Pilot Profile

Tom Caton

I have been flying hot air balloons since 1985 thanks to my cousin Larry and my brother Roy who got me involved in ballooning in the first place. It is a wonderful sport it’s been a lot of fun, meeting a lot of new people and having a great time with friends. It never gets old flying because each flight is different than the last so it’s always something new and exciting. It’s always great to see how much fun and excitement your passengers are having and being able to point out wildlife and different landmarks when flying. Being invited and being able to fly in the Great Forest Park Balloon Race for 30+ years has been a memorable part of my flying career. Enjoy life be happy 🙂

Balloon Make Aerostar
Balloon Name Time traveler
FAI Category AX 8
Balloon Design Red with a blue equator with goldbunting the fourth of the way up the balloon.
Registration Number N71520
License Number 3502979