Directions, Parking & Event Maps



The Great Forest Park Balloon Race presented by PNC Bank is a free event and free street and public lot parking is available throughout Forest Park all weekend. Pease keep in mind spots are limited so we suggest you plan ahead and arrive as early as you can. All of the notes and restrictions/closures listed below will be in effect to help with safety, traffic flow and ease of access to Forest Park. 

Visit our FAQs page for additional info about activities, bring your own picnic/cooler, pets & more!


Recommended entrances to Forest Park include:

  • Grand or Union from Forest Park Parkway/ Lindell
  • DeBaliviere Ave.
  • Skinker/ Forsyth
  • Hampton Ave.**see note below***

Important Notes About Entry

  • ** East and West-bound Exit Ramps at I-64 and Hampton Ave. will be CLOSED – 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 16 to help prevent congestion issues in Forest Park.
  • Hospital Drive at Kingshighway will be closed to help prevent congestion issues in the park and on Kingshighway. 
  • NO LEFT turns onto Kingshighway (going northbound) from Hospital Drive stop light.
  • The Clayton Avenue underpass at Kingshighway will be open to pedestrians, cyclists and vehicle traffic.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE UPPER MUNY PARKING LOT: To assist with traffic flow within Forest Park, the Upper Muny Lot will be a ONE WAY Entry and ONE WAY Exit on September 17 and 18, 2021. THE ONLY ENTRY POINT WILL BE FROM SUMMIT DRIVE.  THE NORTH SIDE OF THE LOT AT UNION DRIVE WILL BE EXIT ONLY.


  • Central Fields is located just under a mile from two MetroLink stations. Eastbound passengers should exit at Forest Park-Debaliviere, walk south into the park and then east on Grand Drive. Westbound passengers should exit at Central West End, walk west on Children’s Place, cross into the park and follow westbound walking paths to Faulkner Drive.
  • Be sure to download Transit, the official app of Metro Transit. Purchase your Metro passes ahead of time on the Transit app, which also provides route maps, next departure times and trip planning, including a trip that combines Metro Transit with ride-sharing.
  • Learn more here:
    Remember, masks are required for everyone on Metro Transit.


  • Ride Share and Taxi Pickup/ Drop offs will be located on the North Side of Lindell Blvd. at DeBaliviere near the Missouri History Museum. An additional recommended drop off point is the intersection of Union and Grand Ave. in Forest Park.


  • Accessible Parking (limited availability) will be available with a gate at Union and Faulker/Jefferson (see Map Above). YOU MUST HAVE A STATE ISSUED ADA ACCESSIBLE PARKING TAG OR PLATES to access this parking area. 
  • A drop off point will be located at Wells and Faulkner – just a short distance (via walkways) from the 2022 BJC Accessibility Viewing Area.
  • NOTE: on some maps you may see FAULKNER DRIVE called Jefferson. The current street name within Forest Park is Faulkner all the way from Clayton Drive to Union. AKA: Jefferson and Faulkner are the same street.
  • Please be mindful that The Great Forest Park Balloon Race presented by PNC Bank is an outdoor event and the natural terrain may at times be difficult to traverse.

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