SEP 17 & 18, 2021

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Online VIP ticket sales are closed. A limited number of tickets will be available at the event.


Pilot Profile

Terry Montague

Centralia, MO

Balloon Name: Patches

Terry has loved ballooning since he seen one balloon floating above his mom and dad pasture early in life. When he lived in Columbia he seen several balloons in time. In Columbia, MO they held a Pre National balloon show and he went to watch it at the fair grounds outside of Columbia. The next three years he crewed for a Balloon from Phoenix the pilot of this balloon was a wonderful lady and help train Terry. After Terry’s first ride Terry said that first year that he wanted a balloon and before that next year came around he had a used balloon system. He put several hours on that and had to buy another envelope to get his training done. Once he got his Hours in he bought a brand new envelope and traded up to a bigger basket. Terry flew a commercial balloon and flew banners for companies and his business he had. Terry has flown in Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Even in the Country of Mexico. One of Terry favorite things to see the smile and the fun kids and adults have at balloon events and just flying over town. Terry has over 400 hr in balloon and enjoys ever moment with family and friends.

Terry celebrates ballooning with his Wife Cindy, his son J.T. and his daughter Jordan Ohl.