Pilot Profile

Steve Mroz

St. Paul, MO

Balloon Name: RE/MAX

Steve Mroz

Started Flying Hot Air Balloons in 1978 Has Logged over 4,000 hours in Hot Air and Gas Balloons with a Accident Free record.

He is FAA Certificated Pilot in Gas and Hot Air Balloons and is also an FAA Certificated Repairman. Steve has flown in many states throughtout the U.S. including many Coroporate Brand Balloons. His most Memorable flight was an Altitude attempt flight to 35,000 Feet and an additonal Long Distance Winter Flight of over 276 miles Non-Stop.

Steve is currently the Primary Pilot for RE/MAX St. Louis flying their balloons across the Region doing Aerial Advertising at various Community events in the Greater St. Louis Region.