Pilot Profile

Scott Wooge

After flying balloons for over 30 years, Scott still enjoys the ballooning experience and the people he meets across the world. He has completed flight operations in 30 states and 4 countries. Adding a new state every year is a goal. Previously, he was the At-Large Director for the Ballooning Federation of America/BFA and the BFA Vice-President. Also, Scott runs a FAA Repair Station for Hot Air Balloons and Designated Pilot Examiner/DPE. Finishing in 1st place in a BFA Long Jump contest is one highlight of his flying. He is a member of the FAA FAAST Team, FAA Ambassador Program as an SME, and speaker at many educational seminars. Scott’s spouse Cynthia, is also a Commercial Hot Air Balloon Pilot. Scott & Cynthia have crewed for their Daughter Kim in Lithuania and Poland for both the Women’s & Jr. World Championships.

Balloon Make Lindstrand
Balloon Name Bank On It
FAI Category AX8
Balloon Design PNC Bank Logo
Registration Number 82PN
License Number 2693556