Pilot Profile

Matt Torgerson

Louisville, KY

Balloon Name: Party Monster

Born and raised in Meridian, MS, Matt doesn’t remember not being around balloons. His father Larry started flying balloons in 1979 when Matt was 2 years old.

Matt received his Hot Air Balloon pilot certificate in 1994. Today, Matt has over 1,000 hours of balloon flight time and is the FAA Designated Examiner for the state of Mississippi, conducting check-rides issuing balloon pilot certificates all over the United States.

Matt holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commercial Aviation from Delta State University in Cleveland, MS. Matt has over 13,000 hours of flight time between airplanes and balloons and he is currently a pilot on the Boeing 757/767 for UPS, flying packages around the globe.

Matt has flown balloons all over the United States as well as in England, Italy, and Germany. The Cotswold’s in England being his favorite place to fly. While he really hasn’t flown many famous people in balloons, He has flown many celebrity’s in airplanes, including: Muhammad Ali, House Speaker Paul Ryan, James Earl Jones, Anderson Cooper, Senator Patrick Leahy, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Little John, and Tim Irvine from The Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible.

Matt’s Hobbies outside of flying include Fine Wines, Cooking, and Hunting. Matt is married to his beautiful wife Stacey and has two Children Irie, 9 and Orrin, 3. Matt has spent much time in the St. Louis area over the years, even based here for a number of years in his previous job as an American Eagle/ American Connection Pilot.

Matt is very excited to be back in the St. Louis area and Forest Park.