Pilot Profile

Joe Nepute

St Louis, MO

Balloon Name: Spectrum

Joe was born in St louis and has been flying since he was 14. He is a corporate pilot for a local company. He has over 14,000 flying hours in many types of aircraft both for airlines and corporate flight departments. He started flying balloons during 2010 in Dubai and is a now a commercial balloon pilot. Joe is also an experienced skydiver. His first flight in a balloon did not end in a landing as he jumped out of the balloon. That flight and jump gave him the ballooning bug. His most memorable flight to date was a flight over the snow-covered Austrian Alps to a height of 13,500ft. He currently resides and balloons around the St Louis Metro area in the Spectrum Balloon. He is honored to be in St Louis, flying in the Great Forest Park Balloon race with such an excellent and renowned group of balloon pilots.