Pilot Profile

Janice Sines

Jefferson City, MO

Balloon Name: Soaring Eagle II

Janice has been ballooning since 1972 when she took her first balloon ride with Tracy Barnes, founder of The Balloon Works. That year she earned her commercial balloon rating and traveled with her husband, Gary, throughout 15 states flying balloon promotions, selling rides and giving instruction. In 1974 Janice received the BFA Distinguished Aeronaut Award. Ballooning highlights include flying over the Pyramid of the Moon north of Mexico City, placing second in the 9th Ladies World Cup held in Chez Charon, France, and flying in the first balloon race in Inner Mongolia, China. Other memorable flights include, adventure flying over the rainforests of Costa Rica, and racing in Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico. Her most adventurous racing was with Bill Woodhead in the New Mexico Challenge in Albuquerque where one year they placed second, one year first, and one year had to be helicopter off a mountain.