Pilot Profile

Carlton Sumner

Capt. Carlton Sumner is a professional aviator who is dedicated to flight training and aviation safety. Capt. Sumner currently works for Air Transport International flying the Boeing 767 for companies such as Amazon as well as military charters all over the world. He has also been a business director for FlightSafety International, one of the primer flight training companies in the world. He has worked at the St Louis Training Center, which primarily instructs the Embraer platform, and at the Savannah Learning Center, which exclusively instructs the Gulfstream platform.

Capt. Sumner began flying at the age of 16 in Memphis, TN, and earned his Private certificate at age 17. Wanting to pursue a career in the aviation field, he left the south where he grew up to attend the University of North Dakota. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics in 1999 positioned him to be hired as an airline pilot with Mesaba Airlines.

Mesaba Airlines operated as a regional carrier for both Northwest and Delta Airlines. He became Captain of both the Saab 340 and CRJ 900 aircraft during his 13 year career with the company. In 2013, Capt. Sumner left the airlines to join FlightSafety International as a professional flight instructor and quickly moved into management. In 2015, Mr. Sumner moved to Savannah to become the Assistant Director of Training for the Savannah Learning center. Wanting to return to a professional flying career, Mr. Sumner rejoined his former company now named Endeavor Air in 2018. An amazing opportunity presented itself in 2019 with Air Transport International flying the B-767. Capt. Sumner made the switch to this company where he is flying both cargo for Amazon and taking our military troops around the world.

In 1998, while in College at the University of North Dakota, Capt. Sumner discovered the Civil Air Patrol and immediately joined the local unit. During his time in the North Dakota Wing, Capt. Sumner became a check pilot and started working with the cadets in the unit giving orientation flights, working in cadet programs, and learning to become a mission pilot. Due to his job relocation requirements after joining Mesaba Airlines, Capt. Sumner became a member in the Wisconsin, Michigan, Mississippi, and Georgia Wings.

Throughout his Civil Air Patrol career, he has served as Squadron Commander, Deputy Group Commander, Wing Stan/Eval Officer, Mississippi Wing Commander, National Stan/Eval Officer, National Chief of Training, and currently as the Southeast Region Vice Commander. Capt. Sumner holds master ratings in Command, Logistics, Flight Operations, and Standards and Evaluations. He also holds senior ratings in Cadet Programs, Emergency Services, and Organizational Excellence. In October of 2010, Capt. Sumner earned the Gill Robb Wilson Award, which is the highest professional development award one can achieve in the Civil Air Patrol.

Among many hobbies, hot air balloon remains one of the family favorites. The Sumner’s never miss a change to take the balloon up and share this love of aviation with others.

Balloon Make Lindstrand 77X
Balloon Name Sky Walker
FAI Category AX-7
Balloon Design Blue/White diamond
Registration Number N452LB
License Number 3225885