SEP 17 & 18, 2021

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Pilot Profile

Brian Trapp

Oregonia, OH

Balloon Name: Thriller

Brian’s professional ballooning career started in 1980 using his borrowed grandmother’s balloon in St. Louis, MO. Over the years, Brian has accumulated over 6500 flight hours, mostly in Lighter-than-air aircraft, including hot-air airships. Currently, Brian is co-owner of Gentle Breeze Hot Air Balloon Company, Ltd. ( and owner of the maintenance facility, R4BR027N.

Having flown throughout the United States, also flown in multiple counters, including running a balloon ride operation and repair facility on a small island in the South Pacific, Fiji.

Brian’s formal college education completed with a Bachelor degree (1989) in the Management Information Systems (Information Technology) and remained in the I.T. Field over 15 years.

Flight Experiences:

  • Jul 1980 First Experience with Lighter than Air – Balloons
  • May 1983 US Private Pilot Certificate, Balloons
  • Jul 1985 US Commercial Pilot, Free Balloons
  • Jun 1995 Obtained Air Agency Certificate: Repair Station – Balloons
  • Sep 2004 Designation as FAA Pilot Examiner, Cincinnati District Office
  • Dec 2009 CAAFI Earned Maintenance Authorization, LTA “Balloons” Fiji Islands
  • Jan 2010 CAAFI Obtained CPL “LTA” Balloons, Fiji Islands
  • Nov 2011 Added Airplane, Single-Engine-Land rating to USA certificate
  • Oct 2014 Appointed Warren County Airport Authority Board, I68
  • Aug 2016 Added Instrument Airplane
  • Jan 2017 Upgraded to Commercial Airplane
  • Sep 2017 Added Airplane CFI
  • Jan 2018 Added Instrument Instruction (CFII)