Race Winners

2018 Mike Bien Chesterfield, MO
2017 Tom Caton Byrnes Mill, MO
2015 Jim Wolters Jefferson City, MO
2014 Mike Boylan Washington, IL
2013 Joe Nusrala St. Louis
2012 Scott Wooge St. Louis
2011 Larry Owen Danville, IL
2010 Dick Goss Leander, TX
2009 Dick Goss Leander, TX
2008 Jan Sines Jefferson City, MO
2007 Kevin Knapp Walstonburg, NC
2006 Steve Mroz St. Louis, MO
2005 John Trione Burlington, WI
2004 Shane Robinson Springfield, MO
2003 Pat Newell Nobelsville, IN
2002 Mike Wade Lexington, KY
2000 Randy Wagnon Maryville, IL
1999 Floyd Thornton St. Louis, MO
1998 Jon Thompson Brighton, MI
1997 Ted Staley St. Louis, MO
1996 Randy Wagnon Collinsville, IL
1995 Ron Martin Winfield, BC
1994 Pat Newell Nobleville, IN
1993 Chris Cuquet St. Charles, MO
1992 Norman Cohen Louisville, KY
1991 Mike Quartuccio St. Louis, MO
1990 John Marlow St. Louis, MO
1989 Gene Grace St. Louis, MO
1988 Herb Schmidt Batavia, IL
1987 Steve Lohr St. Louis, MO
1986 Steve Lohr St. Louis, MO
1985 Dan Schettler St. Louis, MO
1984 Ted Staley St. Louis, MO
1983 Cancelled due to high wind
1982 Don Sarno St. Louis, MO
1981 Paul Woessner Nashville, TN
1980 Gene Grace/Gerry Thero St. Louis, MO
1979 David Eastland Franklin, TN
1978 David Eastland Franklin, TN
1977 Matt Wiederkehr St. Paul, MN
1976 Dan Davis/Mike Ledbetter Bowling Green, KY/St. Louis, MO
1975 Don Sarno St. Louis, MO
1974 Arch Hawkins Sebring, OH
1973 Jerry Kinkade/Wayne Shaw Chicago, IL

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