Parking & Transportation

Where to Park

Parking (and admittance) is free for the Great Forest Park Balloon Race. Largest and closest parking area for the Launch site is the Muny Opera parking lot. Street parking is also available, but come early as most spots in the Park are full by 2 p.m. Come before 2 p.m. and enjoy a great day in the Park. All entrances to Forest Park will be open for the Balloon Race and Glow on Friday and Saturday, September 19-20, 2014.

Options to avoid Parking

Via Metro: Take MetroLink to the Central West End exit. Cross Kingshighway into the park directly to Central Field. Approximately 15 minute walk.

Handicapped Parking:

Is available adjacent to the balloon launch site. See the maps for exact locations. Additionally, there is a designated Handicap Drop-off area.

Glow and Race Parking Directions

Click here to view a PDF version
of theĀ Great Forest Park Balloon Race Map & Parking

September 19-20, 2014

Celebrating our 42nd Year

The oldest and most well-attended
FREE Hot-Air Balloon Event in the World